The Birth of Finding Kaleidoscope

Since I was a child, I have always questioned my surroundings and what I was being told. However, these questions and wonders were suppressed by the adults around me. Since I’ve always been told to behave and listen to what I was being told, going to school has suppressed my thoughts even more.

Everything changed when I hit my early 20’s and graduated college. Being a college graduate (finally making my mom’s dream come true), I gained more freedom. I have started questioning things again. Thus, finding my own resources to unanswered questions, rather than listening to an adult(who has gone through life, but never really questioned anything).

That is one of the very first thing I learned on my journey.

That even a 70 year old, who has lived their life, does not completely know much about life. A typical lifestyle a human being has went through all stages of school, graduated college/university, acquired a career in his/her field, got married, had kids, grew old. Followed what the system tells you. Never questioned anything.

After some researches, I have learned a quite handful and am still currently learning. To tell you the truth, I am a little overwhelmed with all the informations I have learned/learning. What I learned was the birth of Finding Kaleidoscope. It has given me a new perspective in life that I never would have thought of if I stayed naive.

And so, join me on my new journey with a new perspective in life.


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