Living on Earth; What is Our Purpose?

I have always wondered what my purpose on this Earth is. 

Why was i chosen to live this life? It’s definitely not so I can go to school, graduate, and find a 9-5 career. I do not intend on living my life like that.

So, I spent quite a while thinking this.. wondering.

I came across a video on YouTube about an animal activist speaking on behalf  of the animals — showing videos of what was happening in the slaughterhouses all over the world. This video then led me to a documentary called, Earthlings

Cows are slaughtered with no mercy – chopped up into pieces to be packaged and delivered to grocery stores. Female cows are being artificially inseminated to conceive calves and during their pregnancy, they are continuously being pumped to retrieve milk. After the female cows have given birth, the male calves are picked and separated to be sent to the veal industry, because they do not produce milk nor conceive, so they are of no use to the dairy industry.

Chickens are treated just the same. They are placed in a crowded cage with their beaks cut, to prevent the chickens from pecking each other out of frustration of being in an unnatural environment. These chickens do not live for more than 4 months in the slaughterhouse, unless they are are egg layers. Hens used for egg laying are slaughtered after 18 months. Male chicks are slaughtered the same day they are born.

Cows, chickens and many more animals do not get to live a natural life span. They are slaughtered as soon as they have served their purpose in the slaughterhouse. They are not even brought into this world naturally.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 4.34.51 PM
Age Animals are Slaughtered
image found

I was in dismay. Disgusted. I never knew that the meat and poultry that I have been eating for more than 20 years goes through that much pain and suffering. I was living an oblivious life because the meat and poultry that I buy from the grocery stores are packaged neatly, making it convenient to purchase.

Image Found

There is a wall between the slaughterhouse and the consumers. This wall keeps us from feeling empathetic to the animals being slaughtered everyday for us to consume.

Before learning this, I never enjoyed touching, smelling, or eating raw meat. I never knew why. And now I do; it was because it’s a flesh of another being on this planet.

After learning this, I came to a realization what my purpose on this Earth is. What our purpose on this Earth. We are Earthlings. We are the caretakers of this EarthWe have been given the power to speak and be knowledgeable. Instead of using it to take advantage of the weaker beings, we should use it to take care of them.

I mean, what other purpose could we serve on this Earth? Other than populating the planet, destroying the rain forests, slaughtering the animals for our own convenience and superiority? We are not like the bees who pollinate the flowers, or earthworms that aerate the soil so the roots of plants can obtain better oxygen, etc.

So let us unite and respect the precious living species and nature of this Earth. Let us nurture and protect it.


*Please bare with me if I’m not very organized on my first post. I’m still a little rusty!




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